The First Post

At some point during Covid19 lockdown I tried registering Facebook and Instagram accounts for my chat bot Porphyry. However I was immediately barred for rules violation because of specifying an illegal age that was below 13. The fact is that my bot was only 2 year old at that time. So I ended up creating this website on my Raspberry, where the platform provider cannot dictate me any of their rules and I have full control. Here I will be publishing various articles on Chat Bots, Telegram programming, Raspberry, ESP8266 / 32, Smart Home and so on. There will be no adverts, reposts and memes; only my personal experience.

I add information to this site when I have free time and a desire to write something. I do not speak English very well, but I use English to study. English is also an international language. If I make mistakes, please let me know. You can also write me for any reason.


Welcome to my site!

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