Your Personal News Channel

The news feed we get from Facebook, Google, Apple, etc is personalised based on our existing interests and biases as well as the interests and biases of the platform, which injects its own agenda. The news selected this way is often emotionally charged. Too often we are invited to get offended on behalf of the people or groups we don’t know about matters we don’t understand.

This presents a danger of getting locked into a familiar information bubble and being emotionally manipulated by the information feeders. One way to reduce this danger is to avoid the news altogether. But a little bit of news could be useful.

To address this dilemma, I created a news channel in telegram, where the news is selected completely randomly from the categories of science, health, technology and general in proportion 4 : 1 : 1 : 1. The random selection eliminates the bias and exposes us to the news both inside and outside our comfort zone. This channel can be accessed here –

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