The ESP8266 / ESP32 is a low cost Wi-Fi chip with full TCP / IP stack and microcontroller capabilities manufactured by Espressif Systems in Shanghai, China. These microcontrollers can be used for projects related to automation, Internet of Things, entertainment, etc. Various methods can be used to program the microcircuit such as Arduino IDE, Micropython, LUA, etc.

ESP32 on NodeMCU development board

Also, the easiest way to get started with ESP8266 in ESP32 is to use the excellent binary firmware generator located at Unfortunately, the guys stop writing in English, but everything is clear there, or you can use a translator or ask them a question.
Using the site is very simple, you mark the required modules and sensors on the web page, compile and upload the firmware to the module.

Fragment of a web page with a selection of functions and sensors

Then make the necessary settings through the module’s web interface.

Main page of the module management web interface

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