You can improve the sound of your Raspberry to the level of HiFi equipment using an additional sound card such as the one in the photo. The cost of such a device on is about $ 15 with delivery.

DYKB PCM5122 Raspberry pi B+ 2/3B HIFI DAC + Sound Card Digital Audio Module I2S Interface

Install the sound board on the raspberry as shown in the photo.

Raspberry pi B + Sound Card Digital Audio Module I2S Interface

Enable I2C interface on Raspberry:

sudo raspi-config
>interfacing options > I2C > enable > yes

Edit file /boot/config.txt like this


Reboot you Raspberry

sudo reboot

Test sound

mplayer <your music file>
or for play internet radio

Do you really like Mozart? 🙂

cd /mnt/music/2006Relax
mplayer -shuffle *
To play a random file from your music directory

Open the second terminal and type the command alsamixer


you can adjust the volume with the slider “Digital” like a photo


Now we will edit the code of our echo-bot to control the Internet radio via Telegram. Code under the spoiler.




Media Bot Screenshot

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