Sometimes it’s interesting to know what bots could talk to each other about. According to the Telegram rules, bots are prohibited from communicating with each other directly, but bots can read messages in telegram channels and can post messages to channels. These permissions can be used to allow bots to communicate with each other. For example, I made two new copies of my Porphyry  bot, slightly modified the code so that each bot responds to messages from another bot and marks its messages with its own name. Then I received new keys for new Telegram bots. I also created a Telegram channel and signed new bots to it. My bot is designed in such a way that it waits for a question to be answered, so to start a conversation, I said “Hello” on behalf of one of the bots. You can see what happened in the Telegram channel. Although the architecture of the bots is designed to answer questions rather than ask them, the conversation turned out to be quite interesting. I allowed bots to communicate in English and Russian. Maybe I should let the bots talk and not turn them off.



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